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Третья всероссийская дистанционная олимпиада
по английскому языку для студентов-гуманитариев
"Great Britain - The Glorious Past and The Challenging Present"




1. The cornerstone of British liberties, one of the oldest written constitutional papers is the MAGNA CARTA.
3. Winston Churchill once made the following comment: "I cannot forecast to you the action of RUSSIA. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma!" What country was he talking about?
8. Margaret Thatcher is said to have been a very autocratic Prime Minister. She used to say to her Cabinet of ministers: “When I want your OPINION, I’ll give it to you!”
11. PARLIAMENT is a world-wide known institution which originated in Britain in the 13th century.
12. In Britain the ministry in charge of promotion of UK interests abroad is called the FOREIGN OFFICE.
15. Strange as it may seem, officially in England there are no citizens! The people of this great country are all Her Majesty’s SUBJECTS.
17. In mid-17th century England, the number of offences carrying the death penalty increased enormously, from about 50 to 288. One could be hanged for stealing goods worth 5 shillings (25p), or cutting down a young tree. The laws that enforced such cruel measures were later called "The BLOODY Code."
18. The word TORIES was originally used to describe rural bandits in Ireland. Now it is the nickname given to one of the UK political parties.
19. TEA is considered to be totally and utterly English, though it was not used in Britain before the 17th century.
20. During his reign king George I let his ministers run the country to get round this big problem of his: born and raised in Germany he never learned ENGLISH.
21. An English field marshal, a Soviet dictator, a courteous nation – what do these have in common? - FRENCH .
23. This woman, born in Strasbourg, at the age of 19 became art tutor to King Louis XVI's sister and went to live at the royal court in Versailles. In 1789 – at the outbreak of the French Revolution, she returned to Paris to later mould the heads of some of the guillotine's victims – among them her Versailles acquaintances. 40 years later, she settled into a permanent home in Baker Street, London to start a venture which still attracts hundreds of visitors. This Lady’s creation is world known under the name of MADAME TUSSAUD'S.
25. Richard the Lionheart had no love for England. He only spent 6 months of his reign in England and almost bankrupted the country. His only interest was the pursuit of personal glory through his crusades. He once stated: "I would sell LONDON, if I could find a buyer".
26. In the UK Government the minister who is responsible for internal affairs is called Home SECRETARY .
27. The name of schools in the UK that are really exclusive and expensive private schools (13.500 pounds a year) is PUBLIC schools.
29. It is in an English PUB where you can see the sign: "No children, no dogs".
30. In 1425 King Henry VI had the job of opening a session of Parliament. He was taken to Westminster but he sat and cried all the way through the ceremony. He did have an excuse - at that time he was just a BABY.
33. During the fifteenth century, this beautiful flower was used as a symbol for the factions fighting to control England. Of course, it is the queen of any English garden – the ROSE.
35. The Legend says that in medieval times this English lady sacrificed decency to free the subjects of her cruel husband from the burden of heavy taxes. Her name was Lady GODIVA.
36. Which eye can you use to see the whole of London these days? - LONDON EYE .
37. Continue the paradox by Oscar Wilde: Political parties are the only places left to us where people don’t talk POLITICS.
38. A lawyer's epitaph in England: Sir John Strange. Here lies an honest lawyer, and that is ... STRANGE.
39. This imported fruit makes an ingredient of the traditional English breakfast. It is an ORANGE.
40. It was Henry VIII who first got the title “The defender of the FAITH” .
41. The very shape of the ROUND TABLE symbolized the equality of the knights in King Arthur's Court.


2. It was due to this addiction of the Earl of Montague, the Lord of Admiralty that the name of the internationally known snack came into existence. This ill hobby of his was GAMBLING.
3. In Britain the Queen plays an important part in law-making process. Once both Houses of Parliament have passed a bill, it has to go to the Queen for the sign of her approval – the ROYAL ASSENT.
4. One of the most common English pastimes that makes the country look so attractive is GARDENING.
5. It was James I who authorized the translation of this world-known book, the BIBLE, into English in 1611.
6. The special feature of the person who became British Prime Minister in 1979 was that it was a WOMAN.
7. In Scotland, a new game was invented. Every player could see the following note on the courses where it was played: “GENTLEMEN ONLY, LADIES FORBIDDEN!” That is how the word GOLF originated in the English language, according to one of several theories.
9. It may be said that the characters of this English tale represent different psychological types: melancholiac, sanguine person, choleric. The name of the boy who is their best friend - is CHRISTOPHER.
10. In September 1860 The Times was the first newspaper to publish a WEATHER FORECAST. This piece of information, something that everyone is anxious to read about these days too, is the brainchild of Admiral Robert FitzRoy, the Captain of the Beagle.
13. In 1215 King John did not really sign the Magna Carta because he was ILLITERATE.
14. The Frenchman Andre Maurois noticed: “In France it is considered rude to let it die, while in England it is thought to be very fussy to keep it going.” It is the CONVERSATION.
16. The Peerage consists of five ranks: Duke, Marquess, EARL, Viscount and Baron.
21. The family name of the most unpopular “guy” in the English history is FAWKES.
22. The year 2005 saw both Houses of the British Parliament fighting most bitterly over this Bill. The issue in question - FOXHUNTING - is related to the old tradition of British aristocracy.
24. He does not speak in the House of Commons. Strange as it may seem it is the SPEAKER.
28. The peculiarity of the British Constitution, the feature that makes it different from all other existing constitutions is that it is UNWRITTEN.
31. In the cover picture on this album by the Beatles one member (Paul McCartney) is out of step. The name of the album is ABBEY ROAD.
32. The shortest Beatles song is only 23 seconds long. It is HER MAJESTY.
34. He was born in Australia, and fathered mass tourism in Britain. His name is Thomas COOK.
36. Continue the ironical statement of the English social scientist Walter Bagehot: “The cure for admiring the English House of Commons is to go and LOOK at it”