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The last words of Charles I

Ab imo pectore 

On January 30, 1649 at about 2 oТclock in the afternoon a short man was led to the scaffold. It was Charles I, the first King who was sentenced to death by his subjects. He seemed to be calm. It was at the scaffold, standing next to his executionerТs block, where he delivered his last speech:

My Subjects! My People! I am Charles I The King of England, Scotland and Ireland, the son of James VI, the King of Scots! Here I am standing before your eyes and in front of the Palace of Whitehall. The Palace I lived in and the place where my flesh will be mortified.

In the face of my assassins I want to tell the truth and to expose my mean enemies. I am sentenced by ParliamentТs hirelings and the enemies of my People. These traitors made use of The Civil War to destroy me and my Divine Right of the King, which I own by the grace of God! By means of execution of your Lawful King Parliament is trying to increase its own power and the Puritans are willing to abase the Church of England and our pure and true faith!

The shameful УKingТs trialФ was held by 135 Parliament stooges and my prosecutor? Solicitor General John Cook, who is wearing his iron hat now, because my forthcoming death lies heavy on his conscience and he is fearful of the recompense for his sins!

IТve ruled firmly and in accordance with my conscience and views I have done my duty to guide my country and my people through the horrors of the Civil War and religious faction. For all the eleven years of my just rule I have been trying to disregard ParliamentТs attempts to seize the supreme authority, but they managed to arm my people and unleash the Civil War.

From the time of the Battle of Edgehill up to the Battle of Preston I was doing my best to save England, but I failed, because of the mean and treacherous Parliament and Puritan heresy; even our Presbyterian allies were powerless to rectify the situation.

During my rule I took care of my people and their rights. I established the first Patent Law (in 1632), I gave my Scottish subjects civil and ecclesiastical freedoms! Of course, I reintroduced the ship money tax, but it was a necessary measure, because I depended financially on Parliament!

My People! I am innocent. I have been accused of high treason, but how could I betray my own people, my children?!!! I swear and claim Ц that is not so!!! Furthermore, I am a paragon of a family man and IТve treated my People like my own family.

Now I, Charles I, the veritable King of England, Scotland and Ireland, ask you to pray for my soul and urge you to fight for your freedom and faith!

ћальцев ƒмитрий, ћ√” им. ћ.¬.Ћомоносова, 1 ћ≈—“ќ

The last words of Anne Boleyn

According to numerous sources, Anne Boleyn was quite a timid and religious person. She accepted her death in humility, having forgiven everyone. But IТd like to defend the rights of all unjustly abused women in the world. So, I dare to put the following words into her last speech.

Dear Sirs,

I am permitted to make a just a short speech, that will be the last one in my life.

When I met my dearest husband Henry VIII, I was young and innocent and I was ready to entrust him with my life. He was the light of my eyes and the treasure of my heart. The only thing I wished was to be close to him and to serve him as a loyal dog.

JANE SEYMOUR with that THOMAS CROMWELL turned all the people at court against me. And my dearest Henry believed them. I was accused of treason and adultery, but itТs not me who did it. HenryТs infidelity is a byword at court. My lawful husband given to me by the Almighty God had a love affair even with my sister Mary, who gave birth to his extramarital son Henry. I almost cried my eyes out spending lonely nights, when I learnt about it.

I donТt think that I should die because of bearing a daughter, not a son Ц his dream and obsession, as I consider all children to be God-given.  So IТm dying today because I have fallen into disgrace with my husband, who is eager to substitute me for his new passion. Alas, his heart is as changeable as our English weather. And I would also like to say that this Jane Seymour wonТt be his last spouse and sooner or later she will follow my destiny.  Remember my words, they may be prophetical. 

And what will happen to my little lovely daughter Ц Elizabeth. She is still a baby, and girls, you know, need their mothers to be with them. My poor Lizzy will be brought up by a stepmother...

My death is ordained by fate. But if this infamous slander brings Henry the joy of his desired happiness, then I wish God could pardon his sinful desire. If he desires my death, than I will die. All humans are guilty since the human nature is weak. Only small babies taken to the Realm of Heaven are sinless angels! But IТm not guilty of the crimes IТm accused ofЕ

The only thing I may do now is to pray God to receive my soul, because to him I commend it...

ѕолиткина ≈лена, ќдесска€ √имнази€ є2, 11 класс, 2 ћ≈—“ќ

The last words of Charles I

My disloyal perfidious servants,

Thus have I been sentenced to death by your unjust trial. How dare you name me a traitor, a foe of my own land? For it is my land whence everything that arises and perishes belongs to me, for I am the lawful king of England, your king, granted the right to rule by gracious God. My every step, my every thought have been determined by the interests of my country and my people. However I see that my subjects blinded by their ignorant hatred have forgotten the sacred rights of the king who rules his land on behalf of God and disdained the divine law to do homage to their ruler. Deceived by the devil, you concluded a loathsome bargain of which the treason was the stipulation; hereby I say that YOU are the traitors who betrayed your king, your country and God!

Alas, my treacherous friends! You will not succeed in your hideous attempt to plunge the country into abyss. Whilst standing on the scaffold and taking the Death by the hand, I behold the defeat on your scared faces. I know that God is on my side; I have nothing to repent of. I pray for my beloved family and for my valiant subjects who endeavoured to resist this all-devouring flow of savage rebels as I pray for those wretched who fear, who yield watching humbly the march of usurpers. I pray for my executors who are hiding themselves behind the masks as if their black cloth can protect their black souls against the wrath of God.

Yet I do not repent of my destiny; I am taking my fate with dignity.

Merciful God bless my abject servants!

Ўастина ≈лена, ƒальневосточный √осударственный ”ниверситет , факультет германских €зыков, 2 ћ≈—“ќ

The last words of Anne Boleyn

I am addressing the English people, and God is with me! He is with me because He is ubiquitous and He has the eye of omniscience. He knows my sincere ideas and deeds; He needs neither informers, nor slanderers, because he knows everything! And He knows, that my thoughts have always been innocent and aimed at the benefit of England! There were many people who were envious of me, but there were even more people who were my devoted friends and loyal subjects. And now you, my people, have been fooled by malicious tongues. You are mistaken! I have been faithful to my King and to England. And my innocent blood is going to be shed by mistake!

My King has been so kind to me. First he made me his servant. Then he made me his Queen, and now he is turning his Queen into a saint martyr! However my King is not only kind, but he is also prudent. Look, my neck is so thin, as if it was created for an axe, so it is easy to execute me conveniently!  

Oh, Henry! My tears are water for you, and my blood is water too. You will wash yourself with this water, but will you be satisfied with my blood?

The only thing that hurts me is that five innocent souls have perished because of me. Is it fair that rivers of innocent blood are flooding England?

Henry, your court is of no import to me, and your favour is of no account for me.

I have forgiven you, my people, and I have forgiven all my enemies, craving for my blood.

My God, lead me to eternal truth!

ЂVeni judica vivoc et mortuos! Judicum mihi adhuc Superest!ї

„умак-∆унь »рина, Ѕелгородский государственный университет, экономический факультет,  3 ћ≈—“ќ

The last words of Charles I

You do I question, - tell me, by what authority whatsoever, am I forced to be under trial here? I am your King,  your lawful King. All ye are guilty of high treason against your liege lord, whereby you have brought indelible dishonour upon your names. Think what eternal condemnation you will receive from God for your sin.

Through the holy sacrament of unction the Lord endued me with grace for directing this land towards prosperity in accordance with His commandments, and before no one but Him do I bear responsibility for my duty. Perhaps I have not been the wisest ruler and have failed to give proper answers to the calamities and misfortunes that England has suffered in these last years, but, under grace, I have been sincerely determined to hold my office scrupulously, upon my Christian conscience and honour. Ye have accused me of abusing the freedom of the people of England, but I have pleaded for their liberties and welfare more than any of you. I have endeavoured by GodТs grace to do His will, to the best of my ability and for the common good of all men.

The King is the Defender of the Faith and an intercessor for the nation before the face of the Almighty. If the Crown falls, it shall fall together with the whole Realm. By beheading the Monarch ye will also behead the country and plunge into deep and lasting disgrace. But if ye have no fear of God, ye may dare to do so and say farewell to your Sovereign forever. May the Lord forgive ye all, for ye are not aware of what an iniquity ye are committing.

In manus tuas, Domine, commendo spiritum meum.

 азаков √ригорий, ћ√” им. ћ.¬.Ћомоносова, факультет иностранных €зыков и регионоведени€,  3 ћ≈—“ќ

The last words of Anne Boleyn

Thank you, dear Henry!

YouТve been so very kind to me. You made me your lady-in-waiting. You made me a Marquess. You made me your Queen. And now youТre making me a martyr. Yet what for?

Adultery? Well what if I sometimes shared a company of my male friends? IТm a charming lady, men are easily captivatedЕ Henry, your beloved Queen has loved you, only you! Your witnesses were all telling a lie and they were bribed by that wicked Seymour, who recently affirmed her devotion to me. Well Smeaton confessed, but the only thing he was troubled about was his miserable soul.

Incest?  No witness, no confession! ItТs all been inspired by Thomas Cromwell who hates me and my family. IТve never been close enough to my brother!

Treason?  Henry, even when I didnТt know you I was a devoted subject of my king and my country.

Witchcraft?  ItТs complete nonsense! IТve always been a committed Christian! As for my miscarriage, it was caused by my enormous anxiety.

Anyway, the Queen doesnТt need to justify herself.

DidnТt your beloved Queen love you?

DidnТt your beloved Queen bear you a daughter who is destined to play a great part in the history of England?

DidnТt your beloved Queen help you to get rid of Catherine, that miserable Spaniard?

DidnТt your beloved Queen solidify the French alliance?

Anyway my body and my soul are yours! Take my life if you want to, but my death will soil your honesty with another bloody spot, my beloved King. Perhaps it will be a charming spot. My small neck is ideally suitable for beheading. So IТll be charming. Even in death.

ѕь€нкова јнастаси€, ѕермский государственный университет, юридический факультет, 3 ћ≈—“ќ

Habeas Corpus Act

Dear compatriots!

I cannot help expressing my own opinion in the great Question now before our country, because I think it is of great importance to the nation to decide the case now. Without a doubt, it deserves and needs the most thorough examination. Thus I shall endeavour to express my thoughts about it with great Plainness and Freedom.

Nowadays our state is facing a great problem. Multiple cases of offences carried out by the officials have recently turned into a widespread abuse. Our holy rights are being violated. Sheriffs, gaolers and other officers, who are supposed to protect our freedom, are in fact diminishing it. The case of Mrs. Alice Robinson is the most notorious one but indeed there are thousands of such cases taking place every year. Let us remember King John of England and his great Law. According to the Magna Carta, which has been the cornerstone of our legal system for a few centuries, Уno free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions except by the lawful judgement of his equals or by the law of the land.Ф The act also claims: УTo no one will we sell, to no one deny or delay right or justice.Ф Mrs. Robinson was denied justice for many months when she was being imprisoned. This pregnant woman was put on a harsh punishment diet, beaten and forced to sleep on bare earth whereas no warrant justifying her arrest had been issued.

Our people cannot stand such treatment any longer. After the abuses of government the most significant legal act in the history of England was adopted in 1215. Now it is high time for us to make a new law that will stop the arbitrariness of the officials. It should protect all the KingТs subjects from prosecution on political grounds. Only those people who are dangerous for our society should be imprisoned. The aim is to prevent them from committing new crimes. If a man doesnТt commit crimes, he is not dangerous for society. Thus a person must not be imprisoned without a court decision.  

I am therefore in Hopes that a new bill, securing our rights and freedoms for good, will be passed by Parliament as soon as possible.

 аверин ƒмитрий, ћосковский √осударственный Ћингвистический ”ниверситет, факультет экономики и права, специальный приз жюри за мастерское освещение юридического аспекта темы

The last words of Anne Boleyn

Christian people of my country!

My last words are for you, the subjects of my husband, for you, the witnesses of how I will draw my last breath, the judges of your Queen found guilty and sentenced to death for the crime she did not commit!

Am I guilty?

If it is possible to commit high treason by the pure and sincere love to my King, so I am guilty!

If it is possible to commit high treason by giving the King a daughter instead of a son, so I am guilty!

I have nothing to do but obey my beloved husband and I ask you to obey him.

I have nothing except for my love to my Lord!

Everything I have said is GodТs truth!  

God Almighty, help me!

ѕлохов —ергей, —аратовска€ √осударственна€ јкадеми€ ѕрава, »нститут прокуратуры, специальный приз жюри за лаконичность и емкость речи

The last words of Ann Boleyn

I have heard what I am accused of. Your Majesty, do You believe I could have committed all those crimes which my accusers are trying to convince You of?

Do You really think that a woman who You have chosen to be Your Queen can be that mean? You do trust my enemies, who are not eager to see such a loving and devoted woman next to her King. I am aware of my major crime, which Your Majesty is accusing me of , having heard what calumniators are talking about: I have not fulfilled my paramount duty Ц that is to give birth to the KingТs son, and now I am supposed to get through the suffering because of that.

Love is my crime. I have been criminated for the love for my King and my Motherland. Being a Queen, everything I have done and spoken of, has been done for the welfare of the country and my Monarch. But unfortunately, Your Majesty, there have been too many enemies of our union; I have been too open-hearted, loving and devoted to You, Your Majesty; and too sincerely I have been trying to oppose Your veritable enemies who wished to manipulate Your Majesty.

As soon as I stumbled, there appeared those Judahs, who encouraged and upheld the false and totally inconceivable accusations against me. So let it be. They have done what they have been supposed to. Let them go home now and hide their disgrace there, if only their doors are sufficiently strong and the walls high enough for the purpose of withstanding it.

I have got nothing to feel sorry about. My soul is that pure and innocent as it was on the first day we met. I do remain loyal to the oath, I enounced on the day of our wedding ceremony. Let our Lord forgive those people, who accuse me of the opposite. There will ultimately come a day when Your Majesty will realize, that He was himself deceived by them.

Another woman will possibly give You all that I have not managed to. I do not hate her or feel envious of her. I do only ask You, Your Majesty, to be more merciful towards her, than You have been towards me.

You are keeping silent when I am talking about my love. I am only calling on Your righteousness: please take care of our little daughter. If You have no more trust in me, please, do that for the sake of Your former love.

I have got nothing to repent of before You. But still, I do ask You to forgive me. Please, forgive me for not being that strong to withstand Your and my persecutors. And I do forgive You for having become one of them. I do not feel anger towards You. Let our Lord be with You.

ѕолищук ≈лена, ќдесска€ Ќациональна€ ёридическа€ јкадеми€, прокурорско-следственный факультет, специальный приз жюри за достоверное воссоздание образа исторического персонажа

Ann Boleyn's love and death

Your Majesty! I obey your will. I would make the same decision if I had so much evidence of treason and adultery considering the fact that this evidence was given by such clever people as Chancellor Audley and Archbishop Cranmer. You have loved me for 14 years. Only such talented and cunning people  could persuade a loving man of his wifeТs adultery. However, I dare to remark that out of the 5 men only musician Smeaton admitted having had an affair with me.

But be careful, Your Majesty. If I really charmed you with my devilish power, then the Church and the country have been ruled for so long by the man possessed by Satan. ThatТs what people like Audley and Cranmer are trying to persuade everyone of. TheyТre trying to make you commit a crime because under the 1534 Act of Succession treason includes any attempt to break Henry and AnneТs marriage. This act is fair.

A marriage to a brotherТs widow is illegal. Therefore, your previous marriage is invalid. IТm your only legal wife. You gave me our beloved daughter Elizabeth and you can give me more children. How can I wish you death?!

YouТre the best man. Everyone knows that youТre a god-given king. Being with you, I have become better, and more intelligent. Like any person, I wish myself only the best. And who can be better than Your Majesty? So anyone who says IТm unfaithful is disparaging you

A king is always right. Those who are trying to persuade you that our marriage is illegal are trying to persuade your subjects that you were wrong. But I know youТre a real king.

Or maybe you know about my love and you are just challenging me? Then I have passed your challenge with honors!

‘алалеев ѕавел, ”дмуртский √осударственный ”ниверситет, »нститут права, социального управлени€ и безопасности, специальный приз жюри за глубокое знание исторических фактов и интересное логическое построение речи


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