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  • APRIL 2010 - the new internet project of the authors of Just English, who are working both in Moscow and London, is the new English teaching website English for Russians, created for Russian students of English in the UK.

  • MARCH 2010 - MSU Distant Olympiad "Lomonosov 2010".

  • SEPTEMBER 2008 - New page added to our site.  Welcome to English for Political Studies!

  • JUNE-AUGUST 2008 - Just English-ONLINE under construction.

  • APRIL-MAY 2008 - Language contest Royal England.

  • FEBRUARY 2008 - 101 TEXTS ON LAW - Good old book under new cover.

  • JUNE 2007 - THR PIRATES OF ODESSA. We have secret admirers in the Ukrain - Read more...

  • MAY 2007 The students of the Faculty of World Politics are going international with their new friend from the UK, Mr. Anthony Johns. FULL COVERAGE - HERE!

  • 10 APRIL-15 MAY 2007 -  JUST TRAIN YOUR BRAIN - 4. Take a chance: Check your knowledge of English culture and lifestyle! Be a prize-winner!!!

  • MARCH 2007 - THE WISDOM OF THE AGES - inspires MSU students to a writing POETRY.

  • MARCH 2007 - IN SPITE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS - we still celebrate Ladies' Day!

  • FEBRUARY 2007 - COMING SOON in stock of major book stores and Internet shops a new AUDIO CD with the recordings of major texts from  "Just English. Fundamental course for law students".  

    SEPTEMBER 2006 - TUNE IN TO 'DIPLOMOGRAPHY' Audio files from the new University course of English for future politicians  - “DIPLOMOGRAPHY” - in MP3 format can be downloaded ÇÄÅÑÜ.


  • APRIL 2006 - THE WAYS TO IMPROVE RUSSIA'S IMAGE are considered by future diplomats and politicians form the Faculty of World Politics. OUR IDEAS - HERE.

  • MARCH 2006 - QUESTION TIME in MOSCOW! A topical debate television programme in the United Kingdom is currently shown on BBC One at 22:35 on Thursdays, and typically features distinguished politicians and top public figures who answer questions put to them by the audience. It is referred to as BBC Television's flagship political programme. WE WERE THERE! First hand observations HERE!
  • MARCH 2006 - BUILDING BRIDGES! The students of World Politics are making their presentation on Cross-Cultural Differences. Pictures and more...HERE!
  • OCTOBER 2005 - JUST TRAIN YOUR BRAIN - 3. Take a chance: Check your knowledge of English culture and history! Be a prize-winner!!!
  • SEPTEMBER 2005 - March 2006 - Welcome to “DIPLOMOGRAPHY” - a new course of English for students, who have chosen diplomacy and politics to be their profession. Thinking of this book’s title we had in mind elements of diplomacy, biography and geography, put together to give you an idea of the various trends of development in diplomatic theory in different countries and epochs. This course provides thorough, communicative language work for future politologists and diplomats.

  • SEPTEMBER 2005 EVOLVING NEW TALENTS! Best essays by MSU young diplomats.
  • AUGUST 2005 - BACK TO LONDON.... This time in London we had a very lucky chance to talk to a distinguished lawyer, criminal barrister, Queen’s Counsel Mr. Nicholas Atkinson. He kindly invited us to his office in the Inner Temple (one of the four London’s Inns of Court, the professional guilds of top barristers) where he chairs ATKINSON BEVAN CHAMBERS, one of the leading specialist criminal sets in the Temple.  The interview -  HERE!
  • Interview with QC

  • APRIL-MAY 2005 - JUST TRAIN YOUR BRAIN-2. Check your knowledge of legal English and make yourself a name - one more chance! Winner's pictures - HERE
  • OCTOBER 2004 - JUST TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. Check your knowledge of legal English and make yourself a name!
  • OCTOBER 2004 - THEY ARE BACK! Great lawgivers of the past - Hammurabi, Draco and Solon speak out - AGAIN! Check them up!
  • JULY 2004 - IN THE PUBLIC EYE!.... They write about us...HERE!
  • MARCH 2004 - RED HOT DEBATE in relation to the abolition of capital punishment transpired at MSU Law School. Coming soon: The blow-by-blow account and the best speeches. Photoalbum will be issued shortly!
  • DECEMBER 25, 2003 - A great day for us! The long-awaited volume "The Best of Just English" has been published in the series of Moscow State University Classical Collection.
    We are VERY PROUD!
  • DECEMBER 2003 ...and now we have a twin website for students of Russian wordwide. If you are interested, our Russian teaching site can be found at www.justrussian.com.
  • NOVEMBER 25, 2003 - Just English is having friends in for an interactive master-class on the new course of legal English
  • NOVEMBER 27, 2003 - Teacher training workshop "ENGLISH FOR LAW" with Charles Hall and Debra Lee as feature lecturers
  • SEPTEMBER 2003 - Just English Team and the students of MSU Law School - partners in a A BRAND-NEW PROJECT.
  • MAY 2003 -- Exams may be fun ... for teachers!
    Your stupidest answers and translations.
  • APRIL-MAY 2003 -- Exams are coming!
    PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR DUMMIES. Tips for great speeches
  • MARCH 2003 - Tea with Sadovnichy
  • MARCH 2003 - New Hot Debate. MSU Kids Argue:
    Is Internet Cheating RRRReally Cute?!
  • JANUARY 2003 - Cut Your Teeth on Legal Wit! (useful resource for your essays, speeches, etc)
  • A BOMB!!! In December 2002 the book Just English. War on Terror. Insight into Global issues saw the light. We trust that the views and opinions, factual data and legal and parliamentary documentation contained within the book will assist the reader. We hope that the younger generation will contribute to the present and future good of the whole world, by forming their own judgements on the subject, and effectively confront and combat the scourge of terrorism so prevalent in today's world.
  • GREAT PUBLICITY CAMPAIGN! November 2002. The presentation of the new project of Just English book series drew the attention of the public to the best essays of the students of MSU law school.
  • AUGUST 2002 A new resource for law students, writers, and scholars in need of synonyms unique to the legal profession. Just English. LEGAL CROSSWORDS is a guide for legal professionals seeking to express their thoughts, ideas and arguments clearly and persuasively. This book is an indispensable reference source for: * Law students seeking familiarity with usage of a specific word or term; * Paralegals and legal aides, who spend countless hours assisting in the preparation of important legal documents; * Journalists and scholars looking for clear explanations of legal colloquialisms; * Laypersons with a thirst for knowledge of the specifics of legal expression.
  • ARE LAWYERS GREEDY?!! Straight from the horse's mouth - your chance to know the viewpoint of the students of Moscow State University Law School on the subject.
  • IF YOU CLICK on the cover of the Just English book "War on Terror" on the first page of this site, you will access the text page with the link to the list of interviews with influential and knowledgeable personalities of our time. These include Professor Svetlana Ter-Minasova -- Dean of Foreign Languages Department, Moscow State University, Ronald Payne -- Expert on international terrorism and Charles Hall -- Professor of English, University of Memphis, USA, First Russian President Michael Gorbachev. All have agreed, amongst others, to share their philosophies on the problems of terrorism in the modern world.
  • COOL & SPICY!!! WITH EXCLUSIVE PICS!!! Interview with Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the leader of Liberal-Democratic Party of Russia.
  • A NEW EDITION of the Just English series of textbooks has been published in April 2002. A detailed review of Just English. 101 Texts on Law. English for Prospective Lawyers can be accessed by clicking the link top right of the book cover, on the first page of this site. The extracts of the publication are obtained by clicking on the book cover.
  • MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY CHANCELLOR Victor Sadovnichy appears in the pages devoted to the Shuvalov Prize winners. The pictures can also be viewed by clicking on the OUR BOOKS button and the appropriate link.

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