Prominent lawgivers of the past speak out!

Our celebs - Hammurabi, Draco and Solon:


The audience was held spellbound...


Hammurabi: "…. the protecting king am I! The great gods have called me to reign so that the strong should not injure the weak; in order to protect the widows and orphans, to bespeak justice in the land, to settle all disputes, and heal all injuries, set up these my precious words, written upon my memorial stone, before the image of me, as king of righteousness.
… Let my name be ever repeated; let the oppressed, who has a case at law, come and stand before this my image as king of righteousness; let him read the inscription, and understand my precious words: he will find out what is just, and his heart will be glad, so that he will say: "Hammurabi is a ruler, who is a father to his subjects, who holds the words of Marduk in reverence, who has bestowed benefits for ever and ever on his subjects, and has established order in the land."


Draco: "As the author of Greece's first written code of laws, I claim: the most effective punishment for most offences is DEATH! I am proud of the fact that my name has taken its place in history! You've surely heard about the term draconian which usually applies to extremely harsh measures! I know that some people criticize me, saying that my laws are shockingly severe and that they were written in blood. Well, what of it?!! Look at this skull in my hand! It used to belong to someone who dared to break my laws. Let his fate be a lesson to other offenders!
I think my laws are a great contribution to the good of my people: anyone will think twice before committing even a minor offence - or he might lose his head, and his skull could be used as visual aid to prove one simple idea: YOU MUSTN'T BREAK THE LAW!"


Solon: "I am known as one of the Seven Wise Men of Greece because I managed to end exclusive aristocratic control of the government and I also introduced a new and more humane law code, in which trial by jury, an ancient Greek tradition is retained, but enslaving debtors is prohibited as are most of the harsh punishments of Draco's code.
Nowadays, in the time of social, economic, and political evils which might culminate in a revolution and subsequent tyranny (dictatorship), I still believe in moderation and in an ordered society where each class has its proper place and function. My solution is not revolution but reform. That is why Athenians of all classes still turn to me in the hope of a generally satisfactory solution of their problems!


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