Just English
Legal Crosswords


Book description:

With today's emphasis on clear legal writing, plain English and good communication, there is a need for volumes to help lawyers to be precise with their language. This book is an effective tool designed to help users find the 'mot juste' to convey their intended meaning.

JUST ENGLISH. LEGAL CROSSWORDS is a comprehensive, up-to-date and easy-to-use guide for legal terms and expressions. It is a valuable resource for students of law, attorneys and scholars in need of vocabulary unique to the legal profession. The edition enlarges the user's vocabulary with more than 350 terms and definitions relating specifically to various aspects of law.

The book comprises:

  • a brief preface with guidelines;

  • 23 crossword puzzles with carefully devised clues;

  • a handy legal glossary.

  • Just English. Legal Crosswords is a supplementary edition based on the Just English. Fundamental Course. English for Lawyers textbook. It's a highly effective learning aid that provides a simple and enjoyable way to build up your legal vocabulary. More materials in the same series are currently in preparation.

    The book is presented in a functional, user-friendly format with thorough cross-referencing, which saves you time-consuming searches through long, jumbled definitions.

    Just English. Legal Crosswords may be helpful for legal professionals seeking to express their thoughts, ideas and arguments clearly and persuasively. It is an essential reference tool in a field where linguistic precision and accuracy are vital.

    Book info

    At present, the book can be purchased from the book kiosks in the 1st Building of Humanities of Moscow State University and in other buildings of MSU campus.

    If you want to order (purchase) this textbook, please contact Argument book-dealers at (095) 939-21-76.

    Good luck!

    Julia Gumanova