Classical University Textbook

Over the last 10 years Just English textbooks have won the appreciation of both students and teachers of English. In the year 2000 Moscow State University honoured the Just English series by granting it an award. Even more significant is a fact that speaks for itself – the total circulation of Just English textbooks has exceeded 200 000 copies and the books are reported to be widely used at law schools all over Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union.

The Best of Just English is a unique edition. It is one of the first textbooks published within a distinguished book series dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Moscow State University.

The Best of Just English is a selection of the most popular publications of the Just English series assembled in a single volume. These are:

For Lawyers. Fundamental Course

For Prospective Lawyers. 101 Texts on Law

For students of Humanities. Clones are Coming. Theories, Facts and Opinions for Discussion


OUR MAIN OBJECTIVE is to teach students of law various skills and techniques which are essential in their future careers. It’s no secret that a competent legal expert should be articulate at presentations and debates and be able to express his or her own view in good English.

We believe that English learners at law school should be able to make sense of sophisticated legal texts and deal with their clients, be involved in legal disputes where a good command of the English language is vital.
We believe that clear explanations and helpful illustrated exercises should encourage students to formulate their views on different issues related to their profession, while introducing them to different learning strategies.
We believe that all materials presented in the book should be not only up-to-date, but up-to-the-minute.
We believe that each new chapter should be thoroughly piloted in class before being finally published as a textbook.
We believe that it is this synthesis of scrupulously selected texts and plain and comprehensible language that has made the Just English book series so popular with the public.