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The Just English textbook series obtained the Shuvalov prize -- a prestigious award from the Moscow State University. During the period 1995 - 2008, these textbooks achieved a total circulation of more than 250,000 copies. They are widely used as the basic medium of teaching English language for legal and political studies in numerous Law Schools in Russia and CIS countries.

    At present, the books:

  • Just English for Lawyers. Fundamental Course
  • Just English. Legal Crosswords
  • Just English. Clones are Coming. Theories, Facts and Opinions for Discussion
  • Just English. 101 Texts on Law
  • Just English. War on Terror. The Insight into Global Issues
  • The Best of Just English
  • Just English. The State of Britain. Advanced Course for Lawyers and Politologists

can be purchased from the book stands in the 1st Building of Humanities of Moscow State University, in other buildings of MSU campus and in the major Moscow bookstores (Biblio-Globus, Moskva, Molodaya Gvardiya).

    You can also order (purchase) these textbooks through the Internet - see the following links:



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